John Muir Trail day 7

Today we woke up in Mammoth mountain. We followed our typical morning schedule of taking about two hours to get up and out of bed. When we awoke we talked about what to do for the day. There had been some question of what to do for the day. None of us were willing to wake up early this day to catch the bus to Yosemite. Ended up reserving the room for another day so we had somewhere to say in Mammoth Lakes.

The free breakfast provided by the hotel was pretty lame. Some orange juice, coffee, and small muffins and donuts. So, we went in search of food for the day. I personally wanted to get lunch but we ended up wandering into a place that was still serving breakfast. I got french toast and a Bloody Mary to eat. We spent some time time there eating, Rich got nothing to eat. After this we headed up to the village portion of town to check out the Octoberfest that was happening today. It ended up being more lame than we expected it to be. It was quite small and the beer they had was overpriced. Our boredom led us back to the hotel, and we went across the street to the hot tub (our hotel’s hot tub was closed for maintenance and they had a deal with the neighboring hotel). It turned out to be more of a lukewarm pool than a hot tub.

After this we returned to our room and watched some movies on TV until we went to go and get dinner. Ended up stopping at a place we passed by the day before, Base Camp Cafe. Turned out to have some really great food there. Had a good sandwich and some of Mammoth Brewing Co Epic IPA. After dinner Rich and I went to a bar for another beer while Mike went back to the room and packed for a bit. When Rich and I returned, the three of us played a couple rounds of ERF. The neighbors complained that we were “playing basketball”, so we had to stop playing cards. We then got some rest before our long day of travel ahead.

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