John Muir Trail day 4

Today was our first day on schedule as according to our original plan. We were woken up by the park ranger asking if we paid for our tent site. After a little while we got out of the tent and had some tea. The morning air was freezing cold and many of the people walking about were already wearing winter jackets. At around 8:30 we went to the grill to get breakfast. The cinnamon roll was one of the best thing on the menu.

After breakfast we went to the store to get more fuel for the rest of the trip. We found out that we would have to go the the sport store to get some. Grabbed our food from the post office. While Mike and I were at the general store Rich walked over to the sport store to get fuel. He discovered that the store has no iso-butane fuel. The store could not make a complete stove fueled by either white gas or iso-butane. While chatting with shopkeeper another hiker overheard and offered us an extra fuel canister that he had and did not need. This was really great because if we hadn’t found fuel we would have not been able to cook after a day or so. He also told us of another trail that parallels the John Muir Trail on the other side of the creek. From Toulomne Meadows campground you hiked a mile or two and then cross the stream via two foot bridges.

After we finished up at the store and post office we went back to our camp site, divided our food, and packed up. We shipped back our extra food and Mike and Rich sent back extra clothes. Hit the trail around 11. This section of the trail was much different from the earlier sections. We started off in some forest then it opened up to a meadow that followed the stream. A while up the trail we stopped to wash off in the stream and wash some clothes. Took about an hour long break. Later on we stopped at a nice spot along the stream for lunch. I went down a small wanted slide in the river. When we started hiking we ran into a guy we met on top of Cloud’s Rest. Spoke to him for a little before he hiked on.

During our hike to the site, we came across a group of deer in the meadow. Found some more deer further down the trail. The entire time we homes with two large mountain ranges to our left and right. As we neared the end of the meadow our next challenge came slowly into view. Rising up ahead of us was Donahau Peak and Donahau Pass.

We made camp at the edge of the meadow before it the terrain started to rise. Had mashed potatoes with summer sausage for dinner. The meal was prepared quickly with help of the jetboil. This is one that will have to be done again. Sat around and talked for a little while before heading to sleep. While sitting there a couple of deer wandered up to our site while eating.

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