John Muir Trail day 1

We were woken up by random tourists at the geology hut. One was a little old lady with a cane. There was a pretty good view of Half Dome and the surrounding area. Finally hit the trail at 11 and had a decent hike down to a stream. The foot bridge o er the stream was since and provided some good photos. I fell into the water here as the granite rocks were very slippery.

It took us a while to get to Nevada Falls. There was a good view here and the had a railing set up so you could look straight down the falls. Here there was a cute girl with black hair, a black skirt and shirt who was jumping from rock to rock with a smile on her face.

We trudged through the next part of the hike which seemed to be long and arduous. We finally made camp at the junction for Cloud’s Rest. For dinner we had chili and once done went to purify water. While diving this our neighbors ran over to let us know that there was a beat in their camp. We went over to see it and got a couple of photos. After it was done with their camp it made its way to ours to look for food. Our bear canisters proved their worth.

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