John Muir Trail travel day 1

Today we traveled to San Francisco for the start of our journey to the John Muir Trail. Overall the day went pretty well. Started off with a delayed flight due to federal regulations. Flight took a while but wasn’t bad. Highlight was that United listed airplane as an ammenity of my flight.

I arrived around 12 and went to the hostel to check us in. Waited for Mike and Rich to show up and got food. Discovered that we were in the sketchiest section of San Francisco. Still we found a good Burmese restaurant for dinner.

Then we wandered over to the Golden Gate Bridge. It took us a while to get there because the bus system was terrible. Really enjoyed the bridge. Got a bunch of photos from the area. We walked across the bridge and had a good view of the sunset. Overall the view of San Francisco was not that spectacular. It was very windy out and cool. Got chilly after the sun went down.

The hostel advertised that it was a party hostel and seemed to quite invested in maintaining their image. Gave out things like free beer at night.

We instead went and visited Mike’s cousin who lives out here. He books performers and showed us one of the bars he works with. Was a cool place
and had good ambiance. Better than staying for the free beer. In the end we stayed up more than 24 hours.

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